Shazam! Fastest.week.ever.

Ok, not really, but geez, I gotta get better at making time for blogging!  SO many ideas to share throughout the day, weeknights just didn’t cooperate with me this week – meh!

Tuesday highlight: Vinyasa at Black Swan with Lilyana after work and dinner at Casa de Luz with the fiance. That combination makes for a very happy Allison and a most enjoyable evening, Casa Tuesdays are kinda my favorite!

Nutritious AND delicious!

Wednesday highlight: Boot camp to start the day (work, blah, blah) then our 5th anniversary celebration!  Our first date (second first date actually, more on that later) was at Uchi, so we returned to the scene of the crime for our little cele!  The good thing about a g’paw dinner reservation (5:30, eeep!) we were able to take advantage of their amazing happy hour (or “sake social”) specials!  We shared several small plates, including: machi cure smoked baby yellowtail (yucca crisp٠asian pear٠marcona almond٠garlic brittle) hama chili baby yellowtail (ponzu٠thai chili٠orange supreme) bacon steakie pork belly (watermelon radish٠citrus٠thai basil) walu walu (oak-grilled escolar٠candied citrus٠yuzupon٠myoga), I enjoyed a lovely glass of bubbles and the fiance sipped some tasty sake.  We inhaled the first 4 dishes before I realized I forgot to snap pics 😦 Next up: Uchi shots (a la our first date) and the wagyu beef hot rock – interactive food at it’s best!

Uchi shot (off menu treat) = sea urchin, champagne & a quail egg. Not for the faint hearted...searing your own wagyu beef on a scolding hot rock? Yes please.

Time for some larger dishes and pieces!  We opted for a few items off the nightly special menu, the tako to konsai (octopus٠marble potato٠radish٠fennel٠yuzu yogurt) and the wagyu yaki (short rib٠gai lan٠eryngii mushrooms٠yuzu kosho٠lobster broth). The short rib was more for the man, so I added a piece of red snapper, toro (bluefin tuna belly) and spicy scallop. Again – hunger got the best of me, so I only managed to snap about half the dishes…oopsie!

Octopus dish - I'm happy to say the taste was as enjoyable as the beautiful presentation. I LOVE the little flowers in the mix!

Bluefin tuna. 'Nuff said.

Scallops with avocado & spicy sauce - I can't go and NOT get this one. Yummy!

And the grande finale, jizake crème caramel (brown butter sorbet٠
ginger), one word: amazeballs. It reminded me of the crème caramel from Chez Nous, but with a twist. The ginger and brown butter sorbet paired perfectly.  Needless to say it didn’t take long to make this one disappear!

The dish had the most perfect "nook" for the sorbet and ginger reduction, their attention to detail always amazes me!

Since we managed to finish by 7:30, we decided to continue the celebration at Aviary (our most favorite local wine bar). It was “Wine-down Wednesday” (1/2 off all bottles of wine) and that meant live music. I can’t remember the name of the duo, but there were flutes involved, perfect lounging music – and extra points for working the bed into the set 😉

The most awesome/dangerous feature of Aviary? Having the ability to purchase every piece of furniture in the store! (not flutes) glasses! Bubbles for the lady, IPA for the gentleman...

Thursday highlight: Eh, today was pretty boring. Work (blah, blah), fundraising meeting, waxing appointment then my attempt at a lyonnaise (french inspired) salad (sans bacon).  I love poached eggs, especially on salads, so I took advantage of our fresh farm lettuce, avocado and spring onions and created my own twist on another one of my favorites at Chez Nous (dang – second mention in one post? Maybe my belly is telling me something?). I added a few anchovies for some extra flavor 🙂 This salad totally hit the spot!

Just like the meal presentation at Uchi! (not.)

And that catches you up on my last few days.  I’m working to get better at a daily update, to keep my readers reader (hi Nicole!) entertained and my butt in bed at a descent hour!

PS: 29 degrees manana? Send me as many happy vibes as possible – getting up & out at 6am for boot camp is going to be a challenge to say the least…burr!

Nighty night!

….next up: weekend plans, 2012 goalutions (see what I did there?) and wedding invitations!!!

One thought on “Shazam! Fastest.week.ever.

  1. Shoutout!! 🙂
    Casa Tuesdays are the shizzzz! I need one for myself very soon.

    The food at Uchi looks so beautiful! I can see why it’s a favorite of yours! Searing your own piece of meat on a hot rock? That is so awesome. Maybe I’ll go with you guys one time and just watch the presentation of everything. Heh.

    Your salad tonight looks awesome! Very nice preso as well – ma’am!

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