Happy Friday!

Fridays are my favorite – especially around 4pm-5pm – the moment when the weekend begins and the longest distance from when you have to return to the “grind” Monday morning. Love!

This morning was a great success!  Warm cozy bed = 0 : Allison = 1 🙂 I wore 3 layers and two different ear & head warmers, luckily the temperature wasn’t quite 29 (more like 32 or 33) and there was zero precipitation or wind, which equaled a win for all us peeps who showed up to brave the cold at boot camp!  Friday workouts are always outside, this morning we ran with dumbbells and headed to one of the parking garages near the gym.  Warm up drills, 30-35 flights of stairs, lunges, shoulder presses, backward up hill hops, speed skaters, more stairs, more shoulder presses, more lunges, hammer curls, step ups, more step ups & a jog back to the gym.  Very sweaty and awesome way to start the day!

One of my goals for 2012 is to become a regular at my local juice shop, in lieu of my local coffee shop.  Gyms days are great for this, since it’s on the way to work. Two weeks in I’m happy to report I’ve been 100% successful!  My regular visits to JuiceLand have thus far earned me: two free upgrades in drink size (which is kinda jackpot, as a small veggie juice is about $7) and a bonus healthy breakfast muffin.  Very cool.  I LOVE being a regular at my favorite places. Today I had a Tri-Pinnacle (coconut water · avocado · spinach · kale).

Don't be afraid of the color - it's 12 (or in todays case about 16) ounces of pure heaven!

The work day flew by (yippie!) and tonight we stayed true to our goal of staying in & treating ourselves to Dai Due hot dogs, homemade sweet potato fries and some much needed down time.

Goals/plans for the weekend:

  • 6 mile pace (+ additional mileage to get me to a total of two hours) trail run on the greenbelt – training for the Napa Valley Trail 1/2 Marathon & dress wearing in March 😉
  • More down time at home w/the kitties – going into the weekend with very little commitments, hoping to keep it that way…
  • Brunch w/some fabulous peeps Sunday morning
  • Spa day with the fiance! (not really spa “day”, but I’ve got my monthly facial and he is joining me for his first massage at Milk & Honey, so we can pamper ourselves together)
  • Wedding to dos: finish website, email to guests re: lodging, start organizing wedding invitations & call seamstress re: non wedding dress she is hemming
  • Keeping my calorie deficit between 300-500 a day (so far Friday was a “check”!)

…next up: more on those 2012 goals & recap of weekend!

Nighty night!

One thought on “Happy Friday!

  1. Confession: the color does scare me. I want to like veggie juices so I want to give these a try but that flavor combination makes me wonder if I’d like it. I need to start with the “virgin” juice drinks. Haha.

    Your boot camps make my heart skip a beat. That sounds like an insane amount of work. No wonder you all look amazing!!!

    Love your weekend goals!! That spa “day” is going to be awesome for y’all!

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