Is it Friday yet?

I don’t know about you, but I find myself asking that question every Monday morning…

Weekend recap:

  • 6 mile pace (+ additional mileage to get me to a total of two hours) trail run on the greenbelt – Check! Came in at 6.45 miles at a 11:20 min/mile pace – plus the extra time at a slower pace, to get me to two hours.
  • More down time at home w/the kitties –Check! Friday we stayed in, Saturday we were in by 10:30pm, I consider that success!
  • Brunch w/some fabulous peeps Sunday morning – Check!
  • Spa day – Check!
  • Wedding to dos: finish website, email to guests re: lodging, start organizing wedding invitations & call seamstress re: non wedding dress she is hemming – eh, one outta 4 isn’t too bad I guess? Must finish the rest this week!
  • Keeping my calorie deficit between 300-500 a day – Friday – Check! Saturday – Check! Sunday – no check, but I did break even. I’ll take it!

Saturday after my run, all I wanted to do was have a repeat of the Saturday before – Bouldin Creek Cafe with a fabulous friend chatting about our weeks, blogs, work, business ideas – sippin’ coffee and enjoying a delicious breakfast.  Lucky for me, she was down for it too!  Last minute plans are the best! Post brunch/hangout I had another last minute date come up – this one included champagne cocktails and delicious Vietnamese snacks at Elizabeth Street with the fiance and some more fabulous friends – double win!  After snacks and drinks, we headed to our usual wine spot, Aviary to check in with Marco and see what kind of trouble we could get into.  Lucky for us we found this (below) and focused more on this project than drinking 🙂

And so it this point the boys are into Jenga, girls all about the Jersey Shore puzzle

Let the time lapse begin 🙂

I finally discovered the flash, borders complete!

...getting closer!

Voila! One two hour time warp later, puzzle complete!

There was really no topping this, we managed to time warp past dinner, I even had an ignored glass of champagne go flat! This is unheard of, for those that know me. We called it a night shortly after, I mean, wouldn’t you?

We accidentally went to Elizabeth Street again on Sunday for dinner – believe me when I say it’s really, REALLY good – a little proof below:

Shrimp & avocado spring roll

Octopus salad

Chocolate caramel macaroons - delicious doesn't begin to describe these! PS - how cute are these plates?!

Today’s highlight? A fresh new recipe! Homemade kale/chicken pizza with a cauliflower crust! It’s ok to be skeptical – I have been wanting to try this cauliflower crust for over a year now, I finally got up the nerve after receiving a cauliflower the size of my head last week in our farm basket. Game on.  I combined two recipes, one for the cauliflower crust and another for the kale/chicken (ok, all I really got from this one was to marinade the chicken breast in fresh lemon juice, I didn’t use their amounts for cheese and I omitted the olive oil). The chicken breast were “happy chicken” from Dewberry Farms, the lemon & kale (both organic) & cauliflower were locally sourced and received in our Farmhouse Delivery basket and the tomatoes (organic) came from Whole Foods 🙂

"Riced" cauliflower - basically grated into a fine, rice like texture

Crust mixture (cauliflower, egg whites, mozzarella cheese, oregano & garlic) pressed onto greased pan, for baking

Post baking at 450 for 12 minutes - it smelled amazing!

I super wish I would have taken photos of each layer, lesson learned for next time. I started with sliced tomatoes, (baked for a minute), then added the kale, (baked for two minutes), then added the grilled chicken (1 breast, chopped) & about 1/2 a cup of mozzarella (baked for 5 minutes or so)

This with no doubt be making an appearance in our kitchen again soon - easy, low-cal and a fantastic use of farm veggies (especially cauliflower - which I am NOT usually a fan of!)

Do you have any favorite new recipes?

…next up: BRICK (55 min spin/15 min core with Kathy at 6am), lunch date with one of my most favorite ladies & MOH, Casa Tuesday & Groom/groomsmen attire shopping!

Nighty night!

2 thoughts on “Is it Friday yet?

  1. The Saturday last-minute plans was awesome.
    The menu at Elizabeth Street looks awesome. I love Pho – have you had it there yet?

    Ha ha to the Jersey Shore puzzle. How freaking awesome is that?! Apparently incredibly awesome for you to forget about a glass of champagne.

    The pizza looks awesome. How did you grate the cauliflower? Did you put it in a food processor? I would love to try this. Looks yummy!

  2. I actually did both (cheese grater & food processor). We have a really small food processor, so I started out manually grating 1/2 with the cheese grater, but it got super messy 😦 so I did the second 1/2 in the food processor, just small groups at a time. I’d definitely recommend using a food processor 🙂

    I haven’t had the Pho as my own dish – but I’ve stolen bites from Brian’s – delish! The Bahn Mi’s are fabulous too! I have to take you there soon! We’ve been three times in three weeks and have yet to be disappointed – OMG – they have breakfast too – dying to try that, may have to next weekend. It’s dangerously close to our place 🙂

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