Picture worth a thousand words?

Let’s test the theory in my first post after almost a week hiatus!  One thing is for sure – there is never enough time in the day…or the week…and ESPECIALLY the weekend!

I’ll let the photos do most the talking 🙂

Highlights from the week:

Tuesday = spin at 6am (gotta get to the gym at 5:30am to snag a bike – Kathy’s class is one of the most popular!), Casa de Luz after work then shopping for wedding attire for the guys!

Post boot camp smoothie from the gym, only a once in a while treat – a little high in calories for breakfast at 350.
Tuesdays at Casa!
For the groom (with a matching grey jacket)
And for the groomsmen (again, with a grey jacket)

Wednesday = boot camp (weights & cardio!), another trip to JuiceLand, wedding invitation stuffing & enjoying the company (& help) of some very fabulous ladies!

Another Tri-pinnicle – my favorite!
Left to right: Amber (MOH), me & my mom – Nicole snapped the picture, so she is missing 😦 VERY productive evening!

Thursday = the highly anticipated Farmhouse Delivery/LaCondesa dinner in the Schneider Flour House (underground dining room!). Dinner was amazing – on the menu:

  • Assorted Amuse :: trumpet mushroom soup, pâté with tomato jam and turnip with local honey & yogurt glaze
  • Salad :: green romaine, pea tendrils, white turnips, roasted squash, crispy dino kale, farm cheese
  • Rabbit :: braised texas rabbit, farm egg, arugula, quinoa cracker, garlic puree
  • Pork :: whole roasted pig, oysters, chinese broccoli, red pepper, rice
  • Postre :: Round rock honey pie, boozy fruits, hopelessly bleu, goat milk ice cream.

Dinner was amazing – not that we weren’t expecting it to be. Farmhouse Delivery dinners are always top notch and LaCondesa is one of our favorites in Austin. The Flour House was such a treat!  I’d highly recommend getting down there if you ever have the opportunity.  We did inquire and the room can be rented for meetings or private dinners with a minimum headcount.  It will be at the top of our list next time we’re planning a group dinner!

Fantastic friends also make for a fantastic dinner!

Friday = my lack of sleep & weekly go-go-go catching up with me. I had a headache most the day and felt very rundown 😦 We stayed in and I made my second attempt at my new favorite cauliflower recipe, worked on our wedding to-do list and hit the hay early. Lessons learned in my second attempt? Use parchment paper instead of cooking spray, use more riced cauliflower and less cheese in the crust, oh – and always take pictures of all your fresh ingredients!

Voilà! I can’t wait to continue to improve this recipe and switch up the toppings as my our farm basket vegetables change with the seasons!

Our party favors/wedding bar glasses came in the mail today too! SO cute!

Saturday/Sunday = a low key weekend exercise wise, was still not feeling 100% and had a big Saturday planned with hair & make-up run through for the wedding. VERY excited with how it went – she did a perfect job!

Saturday night dinner was at Foreign & Domestic with pre-dinner drinks at Tigress bar, both were spot on!

Since Saturday was spent mostly outside the house, Sunday was spent mostly at home 🙂 we had a late lunch at Elizabeth Street, our first planning meeting with our dear friend and officiant then a quiet afternoon spent working on more wedding to-dos and enjoying some down time and trash tv (my trash of choice? Law & Order SVU marathon!)

Individual press for my Vietnemese coffee – LOVE! Not too sweet, the perfect milk to coffee ratio!
I tried the daily special, Nimen Ranch pork belly fried rice, with an egg and avocado (I added the avocado) Very happy I did, it perfectly complimented this dish! Made for great leftovers for dinner!

Challenges/goals for the week:

  • Mon/Wed/Friday boot camp, Tue/Thurs spin + weights
  • lights out (computer & tv off) by 9pm each night this week (got to get my sleep schedule back on track)
  • Salads/vegetable based dishes for dinner every night this week (again, to aid in a better nights sleep!)

Here’s to a fantastic week!

…nighty night!

One thought on “Picture worth a thousand words?

  1. So much to say! The dinner looked amazing! I love the small group and the ambiance. So cool!
    The cauliflower crust pizza looks amazing and all of the ingredients look awesome. How does the fiance like it?
    The groom and groomsmen’s attire choices are awesome. They are going to go so well with the venue and the look of the wedding. I can’t wait to see them all lined up next to you!
    Your hair looks beautiful and I’m so happy the trial run through was a success!!!

    Your goals are awesome this week. Do it have books set aside to read? Of not, may I suggest The Hunger Games? Haha.

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