21 days sans sugar, dairy & carbs

I kinda hate the word cleanse – it seems like such a temporary solution. The practice I’m currently mid-way through (YAY!) is more to help restructure the way we look at food, eat healthier and undo some of the “damage” of the past few months (or year if I’m being totally honest).

We delved into this by way of a Candida Cleanse. Full details on Candida can be found here, but basically we all have it in our bellies – it’s a microorganism that is naturally present, but overgrowth can cause very uncomfortable symptoms. Candida is fed by sugar & in order to kill it, you have to starve it – hence the special diet. My husband actually suggested this particular diet & (as previously mentioned) I love challenges & was 100% on board!

Sugar is bad y’all – don’t get me wrong, I love it too – but more & more studies are proving that diets high in sugar are toxic to our bodies. Will I eat sugar again? Yes! Will I be much more cautious of what I’m putting in my body, how much sugar it contains & limit additional consumption as much as possible? Hell yes.

We’re on day 10 & I feel amazing! By day 3 I could already feel a change in my energy level (I typically have a ton of energy anyway, so this was crazy!), my stomach feels flatter, I’m sleeping better, we aren’t wasting/throwing out hardly any food and I’m not craving the food & drinks we omitted from our diet like I thought I would. We’re also learning new, delicious recipes that we will totally keep in rotation, after our 21 days are complete!

I didn’t weigh myself when we started (I’ll get back to that) but my husband has shed 6 lbs already, which is crazy – especially since this doesn’t feel like a diet or restricting calories at all! In the past 8 years or so I’ve done my fair share of challenges, diets, weight loss contests, etc. and while I definitely had my fair share of success, it also created a very unhealthy relationship between my mind, body & the scale. As to not get too wrapped up in what the scale reads & too hard on myself if my progress isn’t what I “think” it should be, this time I took a before photo and had my husband take a photo of the scale, but not tell me what it read and I’m going to just focus on eating clean & my reflection in the mirror, how my clothes fit, etc. I’ll probably do another photo & blindfold scale reading at the end (for curiosity’s sake) but I’m not going to let that me my main focus.

So, what have we been eating?! …full details with recipes and photos next time!



One thought on “21 days sans sugar, dairy & carbs

  1. Love this post! Thanks for including the links throughout. I really admire the way you’ve approached this by shifting the focus from “what the scale says” to “how I feel”. Very inspirational – can’t wait to read the next one!

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