Mission accomplished!

WE DID IT! 21 days sugar free, dairy free & starch/sugar carbohydrates free! It wasn’t as difficult as we initially thought it would be (don’t get me wrong – it was challenging, just easier to change habits than we feared) but the last 5 days or so were definitely the toughest – yay teamwork!

My husband lost a whopping 13lbs during our 3 weeks- woohoo! I am so incredibly proud of him – his enthusiasm towards healthy eating and cooking is new, but oh so welcomed!

I lost 4lbs in the last two weeks of the cleanse (from when I started tracking) & am 8lbs down since November (the last time I weighed myself). We’re riding the momentum and committed to continuing to follow the same plan during the week (& weekends), but allowing ourselves a few days off a week – as long as the days “on” are greater than the days “off”. We each have a goal for ourselves in mind and will keep on truckin’ so to say, to help each other hit our next goals! I can’t express how liberating it is to see progress without counting or limiting calories – total game changer. Hip-hip-hooray to eating clean!

The last week we stuck to the recipes I shared previously, but I threw in a few new ones and changed a few up for variety 😉 From left to right: Mustard lime chicken with vegetable frittata (leek, kale, tomato & avocado), grass-fed hanger steak with kale, roasted chickpeas (I made 1/2 the recipe & forgot the lime zest – oopsie!) & coconut bread and blueberry waffles with soft scrambled eggs and turkey/sage breakfast sausage.

…how was your January? Did you hit your goals, develop any new habits or have new recipes to share?!

One thought on “Mission accomplished!

  1. Wow – awesome weightloss for both of you guys during the month of January! That’s so awesome! Girl, you need to share some of this on instagram once and awhile. 🙂

    I’d love to hear more of what you are cooking on a regular basis for sure. Sounds very yummy!

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