Listen while you work!

I spend most of my day outdoors & working solo – from humans at least 😉 which leaves a ton of time for listening to podcasts, audio books & music – which I devour on a daily basis!

In no particular order (but basic genre) here are the podcasts I love & recommend:

Investigative Journalism/True Crime

Pop Culture



Game Show/Trivia/Fun

I only finished a few audio books last year, but I highly recommend each of them. I lean toward autobiographies, but joining a book club last year helped me venture out of my comfort zone a bit!


…do you listen while you work? 😉 What are your favorite podcasts?

One thought on “Listen while you work!

  1. Great suggestions! I have heard good things about Dinner Party Download so I need to check it out!

    I listen to the Bobby Bones show everyday and I also love Heather Debrow’s World because she’s one of my top Real Housewives.

    I love that you are in a bookclub! I need to hear more about that!

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