Heyyyyy! Welcome to my page and thanks for taking time out to stop by!

I live in Austin, TX and I do mean “live” 🙂 I love every part of this city and everything that goes hand in hand with being lucky enough to be called an “Austinite”.

We’re fortunate to have a budding gourmet and farm to table food scene, we’re spoiled being surrounded by a variety of farms that help keep our numerous farmers markets and CSA’s stocked (we use Farmhouse Delivery), the sometimes scary (but almost always versatile) climate makes for plenty of outdoor activity (& exercise) options (my drug of choice is Pure Austin, specifically Kathy Redden’s Spring Training/Boot Camps, which I am starting my 4th year of) and the best thing about living in a city you love? Plenty of friends within walking distance from you at most all times!

My passions are fitness, food & fun (not always in that particular order) and in the spirit of theme – I can’t leave out my fiance, friends, family and felines – all of which the rest wouldn’t be near as much fun without!

Thanks again for being here – I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures as much as I enjoy having them!

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